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It took me forever to decide, but i pick my honey Lulu for my original Slice of Life, Sekai no Shiki since the poor bub gets no attention :iconlazycryplz:


1. Pick one of your OCs.
2. Fill in the questions/statements as if you were your OCs.
3. Tag four people to do this meme!
4. Tell people that they been tagged with a link from your journal.

1. What is your name?

*smiles* Lucille Cartwright. Pleasure to meet you~

2. Do you know why you were named that?


Not really. I never really asked. Honestly, I don't think I'd get a good answer, heh. ^^;


3. Are you single or taken?


Single! T-Totally single. And that's... how it should be >//>;


4. Have any abilities or powers?


...A-Abilities? Well, when it comes to Maths I'm in the top percentage of students...o-of Japan that is, which is something I'm proud of.


5. Stop being a Mary Sue!

...Um, my name's Lucille - remember?

 6. What's your eye color?

Dark green~

 7. How about hair color?

*pulls on a long strand of her hair* Pale blue. *looks up* Similar to the sky, I guess?

 8. Have you any family members?

Umm... *rubs the back of her neck* I've been living with my aunty since I was five, so... yeah. *slight smirk*


   9. Oh? How about pets?

Two dogs. Heh - they're adorable!

 10. That's cool, I guess. Now tell me something you don't like.




   11. Do you have any activities/hobbies that you like to do?

I like learning languages. I'm lucky since Pursuit Academy is pretty international - I get to meet some really interesting people! Aside from that, though, I just like watching things, like birds, and the stars, and sometimes I even pick up a camera and do some film-making. 

 13. Everů killed anyone before?

Wha?! Um... no?

 14. What kind of animal are you?

You're talking spiritual representation, right? Ah, I guess I've never really thought about it... Maybe something like a raven. Or something frumpy and silly like an otter!

 15. Name your worst habits.

I bite my nails; a nervous habit, gah.

 16. Do you look up to anyone at all?

I guess... M-My aunty's always tried her best for me, and always spares some time for me. I can't help but admire that. 

 17. Are you gay, straight, or bisexual?


Straight. Never had to question it, which I should probably be thankful for. 


   18. Do you go to school?


Proud student of The Academy of the Four Great Pursuits! *salutes, then smiles* At your service~

 19. Ever want to marry and have kids one day?

:blushes: A-Ah... Well, I do but... C-Can we move on?

 20. Do you have fangirls/fanboys?

Well, I have had quite a few kohais who've confessed to me over the years...

 21. What are you most afraid of?


Ugh. Once again, heights... If it's okay, I'd rather not talk about it.


   22. What do you usually wear?

Pursuit 'Mild Introvert' uniform when in school. Casual street clothes normally... Either way though, I'll have my hair up in this bun. *gestures to it with a shrug*

 23. What's one food that tempts you?

*gulps* Mont Blanc daifuku! That creamy chestnut flavour wrapped inside gooey, soft mochi - jeez, just thinking about it makes my mouth water!

 24. Am I annoying you?

Hm? Why would you say that? I mean... your questions might be considered a little invasive, but.. ^^;

 25. Well, it's still not over!

Well then, I don't mind~

 26. What class are you (low class, middle class, high class)?


I...It's sort of embarrassing to say, so don't spread it around but... well... higher than most people think.

 27. How many friends do you have?

I have a group of close friends, and I'm thankful for every one of them~ But of course, I'm not sure where I'd be without my best friend Kira.

 28. What are your thoughts on pie?

Honestly, I haven't had many, but the ones I've had I really liked, particularly the savory pies.

 30. Favorite drink?

I like any drink that's carbonated~ Something about drinking them is oddly fun.

 31. What's your favorite place?

The library and the Introvert common room are both thoroughly relaxing places to be in. I really treasure places like that. But my preference is the common room.

 32. Are you interested in anyone~?

U-Uh... Not as such... :saddummy:

   33. That was a stupid question.

C'mon, it wasn't that bad ^^; 

 34. Would you rather swim in a lake or the ocean?


Hmm... I don't do much swimming. The only swimming I've done is in pools, now I think about it! To make a deduction thouuugh... I know I've always wanted to see the ocean, so I pick there.


   35. What's your type?

In... In a guy? Um... Well, I don't think I'd ever be able to be with someone who didn't care about anyone but themselves, or someone who fails to see the world in motion... As for anything more specific though, I'm stumped! :shakefist: It's not something I occupy my time with, evidently.  

 36. Any fetishes?

:-? That's a little... forward 


 37. Seme or uke?

E-Eh?! C-C'mon... *looks away* ...I don't think either really suits me but... oh... n-next question, okay?! :ashamed:

 38. Camping or indoors?


Indoors! I've only camped a few times before, with Kira and the boys, but it was so long ago I can hardly remember it. ^^;


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