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All I See is You. by pyreion All I See is You. by pyreion
"I think we have a little visitor, Hana~" Sen whispered over her shoulder to the girl next to her, a smile soft on her lips. Hanayo's lips widened across the surface of her lollipop, her signature grin making it's return as she looked up to her. "Heehee~ They never give us a rest now, do they~?"
Sen's expression softened, and she leaned slightly onto the blonde. "I don't mind, really."
The girl blushed, it was a funny thing, the red that flooded to her cheeks. Only really a recent thing, but completely endearing. Maybe it was for the cameras, or maybe it's cause she was at the age where she realised how little privacy the two of them had ever really had, but her grin strengthened as she rested her head back on Senritsu's shoulder. "I don't care, either. I'm with you, so I don't care about them. Do you understand?"
Sen's own little smile widened to the slightest grin. "Course I do, I feel the same, Hana."
And in the bushes, there was a girl with dark blue hair and eyebrows as thick as caterpillars, trying desperately to hold her camcorder and record the precious moment, trying to stifle the flow of blood from her nose and the tears splashing down her face. "S...So beautiful...!"


Hiromi is right. Beautiful they are ;//v//; <3<3<3

Well here are Senritsu and Hanayo all grown up, via collab with :iconshinobigami: .//u//. <3 I love these two >//u//< :heart:

bdskjhkjhdf she wanted me to add a Bio for Hana so I shall -w-;;;;

Name: Hanayo Seion
Age: 15
Occupation: None. She should probably get a job to try and pull her out of her spoiled lifestyle but... she's way too lazy . xD
Relationships/Character Role: Cousin/'best friend' of Senritsu, daughter of Dr. Mamoru Seion and then famous actress Nemu Seion.
Sexuallity: No idea :3 Doesn't like labelling herself, so I have no idea.
Personality: Very happy person but not really in the ditzy sense that her mother liked to be when she was her age. She's more level-headed about dramatic situations, likes to hide her fear and try and act more mature than she is. She's very mischevious and likes to get up to no good, often finding having to hide from paparazzi a really fun challenge.
Likes: Challenges, likes to go against the grain and live a little roughly - isn't afraid to get her hands dirty, much to her and Sen's "Aunt's" dismay. Has a thing for strawberries :icontrollfaceplz: but, her favourite thing to do is spend time with Sen~:heart:
Dislikes: Being left by herself, not living up to the expectations she thinks others have of her, needless to say, but even the thought of being away from Sen causes her pain. Tends to develop a quick, irrational hatred of anyone she thinks a threat to their relationship.
Dream: Secret. C:

Base - :iconximona: [link]
Senritsu, Mamoru, KS and the collab - :iconshinobigami:
Background - :iconstarca: [link]
Hanayo, Nemu and Hiromi - Moi :I
AleisterSutcliff Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2011  Student General Artist
This is really awesome! I just love how you are such a paint pro! :D
pyreion Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much ;;w;; <3
ThirdAce Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awwwwhhh~ you both did a marvelous job on this! <33 They look so freakin' cute! Kyaa~ >//u//<
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