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December 22, 2011
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..But I feel warm.. by pyreion ..But I feel warm.. by pyreion
with your hand in mine.

..Heh. Funny. Somehow that mission really took a lot out of me... I figured it'd be my last thought before I fell into the haze that begged me near. But then, I saw her and smiled a little. Happy, at least, that she'd be my last thought. I tumbled down, but the landing was... softer than I thought the ragged cliff grounds could offer. But then, I was shifted. I looked up to see her, realised my head was in her lap, and my heart almost stopped. "...Hiro." I took a sharp breath, then smiled softly. That was one of the rare times she manages to say my name - or at least the nickname everyone had given me. Even though it was so common, and a boring thing to me, it felt.. special.. when spoken by her. She darted her hands forward, then hesitated before she came in contact with me.

It was only ...m-me.. who could tell that, despite the urgency that flared behind her eyes and made my chest constrict in ways both painful and wonderful, she was a little nervous to touch me.

"..It's ok." I said and placed my hand over hers. She touched me, then I realised with a surge of horror the three beads wrapped around her had lost their solidity; she was weak too. "S-Seii-!"

I was cut off by a pulse running through my body, it felt like cool liquid, running through my body and cleansing me of pain. With each pulse my vision became clearer, my senses more alert... the heat in my face more obvious... The feeling was so pure and needed.

When the sensation was done, I breathed deeply, feeling fresh like I'd just woke up. I jolted up just in time to catch Seiiri as she swayed forward. "Seiiri!"

That guy stepped forward, eyes locked on me in a glare. "Tch. Look what you've done. Pretty selfish, huh? To take all that left over energy from her, just to make pitiful you feel better." My gut burned with rage, and I held her closer to me. "Shut up-"

His sensei stepped between us, "No. It was a selfless act, on Uchiha-san's part. She chose to assist Tokamitsu-kun. Besides, it's not as if she wont recover. It would have been the same for any of us if we were in that state. Do you understand?"

He grumbled a yes.

"Tokamitsu-kun," His sensei turned to me, "I trust you'll look after Uchiha-san?"

"Eh? Of course." That was the promise we made after all. To protect each other. I lifted her the way I'd seen dad lifting mum, once. It seemed way too personal, and I already felt my stomach doing flips, but it kept her secure at least.

Thinking back on it, that promise seems... a bit more than that, now. It wasn't a want to protect her, it was a need. A drive.

...Strange, how I can think these kind of things to myself, but never actually word them to her, when in the end, voicing them would be what would help. I wonder why I'm so stupid with this stuff sometimes...

He started to bark a protest but was quickly shut up by his sensei, and I had to fight back a smirk.

The sensei nodded at me and left with her other student.

After fighting off the butterflies in my stomach, swallowing and putting extra thought into not tripping over, I made my way back down to our village of Konoha, my heart pounding in my chest.


KLDFVKLFD FINALLY OMG. I didn't think this shit would be so difficult OTL;; Dolling Hiro was nice and simple.. in comparison to Seiiri, who almost KILLED ME with her damn sleeves ;A; the thing is, I had dolled the part hidden by her right sleeve before the sleeve itself, and almost kicked myself when i realised it would be covered up... since it was arguably the best part of the doll XDDD

But ah well.. i did it and i'm happy ;u; I love the outcome~

I.. really feel i got Hiro OOC though XD;; since I don't know that much about him. I just tried to make him have the same kind/soft (but not push-over-y) values as his dad, but with a twist of his own with him being slightly more naive and impulsive from both a small knack of his personality and less experience in life etc XDD Anyway.. please tell me what i got wrong with his perspective.

I think they'd be about 14/15 here? ;u;/>u>

And yeah.. Mmhm, for some reason I picture the sensei as a girl P:

and <THAT GUY> needs a name XD but who cares he seems like a douchebag~~<3

so.. yeah >u> I'm happy i've got this done <3

Hiro -......well since I almost wrote he groaned before i stopped myself.. I'd say Seii XD *shotstabbed* *cough* i mean, :iconshinobigami:

Seiiri - ... <W< >W> ... :iconpervyplz: *shot*

THE BASE. HOWEVER. Is sort of an oddity. The only reason i'm dolling it is cause my precious gem had it saved XDD I think it's been removed.. sorry, folks D:

The lyrics for the title and the opening line are from Owl City's Saltwater Room (Ocean Eyes Version), which I think is just perfect for them... <3
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Solar-Sensei Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2011  Professional General Artist
O.o Kyachi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My name is Seri...
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Solar-Sensei Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2011  Professional General Artist
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lolz ^^ It means Princess in Hebrew, Sarah in American, and Armed Maiden of War in Gaelic.
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she's another Uchiha baby :3 one of Mitsuki's kids.
VirgoRoseMaiden Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2011
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