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To Cross The Distance by pyreion To Cross The Distance by pyreion
Stretching her long, toned arms over her head, she groaned as she pulled herself out of her easy relaxation. When she wasn't facing me, I couldn't help but take in how truly beautiful she was. It made my chest swell with pride to have found a girl like her. Abruptly, she looked at me, and I begrudgingly looked away. "Did you have a good day, Tetsu?" Her tone was as sweet as ever, but there was an underlying layer I'd been recognising of late... Disappointment, probably. Another gaze avoided. "Sure I did." I shrugged, putting my hands behind my head. "'Bit boring, but y'know, usually is." That was only a quarter of it. Having to scout out targets for that bastard was just fuckin' exhausting shit. I squeezed my eyes shut in an attempt to diffuse the anger fizzling in me. "Hey, babe," The calm, always soothing voice of hers was all I needed. I sighed, opening my eyes to see she was seated close, almost looking right at me. "Damn it, Akina!" On impulse I gripped her waist, the thin grainy fabric of her shirt bunching up in my hold. "You know not to sneak up on me like that!"

She was quiet for a moment, before I felt both of her warm hands cup my free one. She pulled it to her cheek, and I traced the smoothness of her skin with my fingertips. "...Aki..." I began. "Tetsu," She quickly cut in, "Please..." My chest felt tight. In the peripheral vision I rarely allowed myself to use, I could see her face was so... kind. Her smile was soft and... I'd be damned if it wasn't loving. "It's been almost a year since we've been together and you've never once looked at me directly..." My heart dropped when she said it. It was just as painful for me as it was her. "I know about your condition, but..." I shook my head, dropping my hold on her waist. "Akina... I'm sorry... You know.. you know I want to, so badly but... I've had glances of you, Akina, more than that..." I dropped my head onto her shoulder, breathing in her rich smell, just like the must of incense. "You know I know you're beautiful."

I felt her slide her arms around my shoulders, supporting me. "It's more than that, Tetsu..." Her tone was so sad it hurt. We stayed like that for a moment, before she placed a quick kiss to my head, giggling as she usually did when she messed with my hair. "But I understand."

I let it sink in. I moved so my lips were against her neck, muttering "I love you."

"I love you, too." She put her finger under my chin, and I focused on her lips as I lifted, placing a deep, firm kiss to them. She smirked, throwing her arms around my neck and falling forward, taking me down with her, our laughs mingling with the small, muffled sounds we made as the night went on.

Babies for Gekkari!

I love these two already. Tetsugu is the older brother of Kyoden, who I dolled earlier, and Akina is *Shinobigami's character.

I hope you like her outfit ;A;

Base - since it's really big i only used some of it lolol [link]
ColorfulAngie Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2014
This is so freaking adorable, art is really good!
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