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With you, the sun feels real. by pyreion With you, the sun feels real. by pyreion
"I'm shocked that they let you wander off alone, Hime." I don't know what surprised me most - how sullen his tone was, or the fact I was hearing him speak to begin with.
Regardless, I didn't let any hint of surprise show when I turned to face him, I wouldn't give him the satisfaction. "I suppose it was wrong of me to think the Hoshi heir would be wiser than to appear in enemy territory under broad daylight.”
“It was wrong of you to think I give a shit.” His eyes were like hard topaz, but his tone had softened. “Ryoshi... You said we’d meet after...” After...? Oh. Of course A sour heaviness weighed in the back of my throat. “You really are a fool, to put so much faith in an agreement made between a drunk and a dreamer.” I smirked.
“I told you I’m not playing your fucking games anymore, Ryoshi!” He closed the space between us, but I predicted his next move and stepped around him. “Shame. I was born in these games and they’ll be the death of me.” I lifted my glance from the twigs I had been studying, wondering if he’d understand the meaning those words held. I couldn’t be more careful. There was always the chance Kobu could be in earshot.
After a time, I could see recognition weighing on him. He looked down, his fists shaking feebly at his sides. “..Do you love me, Ryoshi..?” His voice was a plea. It shot straight through the coldness in my chest, like a fiery sword melting the ice in one quick blow. But perhaps.. I could believe I said it merely from the alcohol? Just the thought made the ice crack back into place. It felt better. Comfortable. “...Ryoshi...” He looked up, and my lips parted in seeing his expression... that expression... that made him look like a broken man. But why would he...? You know why....
With a quick burst of chakra, I scanned the area for the feel of Kobu’s presence... None... I could be free to answer the question, but the words stuck in my throat. “...You already know the answer to that.” I managed to slip out. Without my registering, he moved close, and in one quick movement, our bodies were pressed together, his hold unusually light. I wondered how long I could deny his warmth. “I want to hear it from you... right now...” His voice was a low whisper against my ear. I clenched my jaw. Isn’t my silence answer enough...?
“I could kill you...”
“Then do it...” The calmness in his voice surprised me. “Because you can’t just do that, Ryoshi... You can’t just tell me you love me, tell me what I’ve waited so damn long to hear, then disappear. Again. Pretend nothing ever happened between us,” He pulled me to him tightly, and I felt my body become rigid on impulse. “Again.” The word had a hint of frustration in it, now. “And then tell me that you’re going to...” His voice dropped, barely audible. “Going to...”
A few moments passed, we stayed as is. We both knew how that sentence was to end. My body refused to move even an inch.
“Answer, Ryoshi...” His voice was smooth, once again. He moved to trail his lips over my jaw line, and I felt an ounce of tension slip out of me. “Please, my hime...?” He muttered, bringing us both back to then. Better days...
I allowed more time to pass, before...



*flying glooooooomp*


Of course I dolled our precious babies ;/A/; I really hope you like it, and hope you like the fic to come. ;/v/; sorry it's a wee bit late OTL;;

Your onee loves you so much, Laury, don't you forget that ./u/.

Base - :iconnullifie:

Yoru - ":icon3madhatteralice3:" ...Though ~someone~ would disagree :iconyoucardplz:

Ryo - ":iconmeplz:" ...Heh. :icontrollfaceplz:

Background - :iconfallen-again-stock: [link]

Also I may or may not have pre-emptively titled this file as "i'm sorry for ripping out your heart in advance, laury.png"
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Shinobigami Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
..i told you she loved this pairing trollz

but guhh, i'm not even involved in this couple/it's not even one of mine and they still tug at my strings too ;;A;; <3

the doll and ficlet tho, they were really well done ;3;...and good job on beefing Ryoshi up XDDD <3 and his hair came out nice too ;A;
pyreion Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
;u;u;u; yeah, seems she does

I know. Just something about them hurts in a good way XD; <3

thanks >u< I thought it would be interesting to tackle Hime's point of view. Don't feel I beefed him up that much and idk wtf his hair even is but thankyou XD <3
Shinobigami Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
of couuurrrseee ;w;/trollz

indeed ;A; <3

it was very interesting, insightful too :iconcryforeverplz: and well it doesn't even look like the original would be female, so XD <3 and you're welcome ;w;
ThirdAce Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You two suck! Yoru, Ryoshi get your beautifully pixel-ed selves out of here!
I fucking love the hell out of you guys, mother of god this pairing gives me feels like no other of ours!!!

Jenna that was so adorably typed and I love this! You did rip out my heart, but that's okay, I don't mind since it's them<33333
God I could never compare to the way you voice them through text, you just get their personality and relationship so spot on it's fantastic!!!

Thank you so much for this wonderful present. Love you too, Jenna dear ;//u//;
pyreion Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
...or else we'll use the pieces of our shattered hearts like kunai you wonderful homosexuals ;n; *shot*
You have no idea how much my heart hurt making and typing this! I just felt so bad for Yoru, he must have been so scared when his hime disappeared again.

"Always happy to bleed for YoRyo" <3
Oh god, I was really hoping I got Yoru in character, I was bit scared a messed him up, and I'm not all that happy with how his jacket came out, but still, it's okay if you like it all ;A; <3 And watttt. Omg that means an incredible amount to hear that from you <3 thankyou thankyou~

I just hope it made you feel a bit more loved, like I said, cause you are, laury-poo ;//v//;
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